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We just tried to make our software easy, powerful, compact and reliable. We hope we did it.

Development team

Jun 20, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.2.2 released. Minor bugfixes and several improvements. See more...

Jun 20, 2003

Irbis Firewall blacklists updated. See more...

May 17, 2003

All Irbis Firewall blacklists updated. See more...

Apr 20, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.2 released. Many improvements and bugfixes. See more...


When I tried to use Irbis Firewall for the first time, I was surprised: it is really a fast, stable, and a very useful software

Andrew Alekseev
System administrator

Jun 20, 2003: Irbis Firewall version 1.2.2 released. Fixed several bugs, HTTP headers filtering feature was added. Irbis Firewall now supports "white list" in default configuration. More...

Jun 20, 2003: Irbis Firewall blacklist updated

May 17, 2003: Irbis Firewall blacklist updated

Apr 20, 2003: Irbis Firewall version 1.2 released. Improved NetLog, blacklist support in proxy-server configuration, MDI interface style, and other features/bugfixes. More...

Apr 17, 2003: Irbis Firewall blacklist updates released. These lists contain adult, agression, hacking and banner sites, which can be locked to improve web navigation speed and keep your children out of dangerous web content. Download the updates from our download center panel (at the left) or from the Download Page.

Mar 29, 2003: Irbis Firewall v1.1 released. Multilaguage support, templates for rulesets, analyzer of rejected packages and other new features... See Version History for more info.

Feb 24, 2003: Irbis Firewall 1.0 released! Irbis Firewall is a firewall application for Windows 2000/XP intended to protect your computer from network attacks. Irbis Firewall comes in two editions: Standard and Professional (see Feature Matrix for details). Evaluation version is immediately available on the Download Page.

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