Irbis Firewall: Your personal firewall software for Windows XP/2000

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Professional Suite

If your LAN is connected to the Internet, you need to protect your servers at least. And if you have more than one server, it's not a bad idea to use such software, which can be managed from one place. This problem is even more urgent if your net is not LAN, but WAN.
Irbis Firewall Profesional gives you the solution of this problem. In most cases, to protect several computers, you can install Irbis Firewall Professional on the protected computers and configure Irbis Firewall to use NetConfig and NetLog features:

Sample usage of Irbis Firewal Professional

Irbis Firewall Professional gives you the ability to store the configurations of all protected computers on one management server (also called NetConfig server) so you may share configurations between all servers and copy all logs to the logging server (also called NetLog server). These features allows you to manage firewalls on all servers easily.