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We just tried to make our software easy, powerful, compact and reliable. We hope we did it.

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Jun 20, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.2.2 released. Minor bugfixes and several improvements. See more...

Jun 20, 2003

Irbis Firewall blacklists updated. See more...

May 17, 2003

All Irbis Firewall blacklists updated. See more...

Apr 20, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.2 released. Many improvements and bugfixes. See more...


When I tried to use Irbis Firewall for the first time, I was surprised: it is really a fast, stable, and a very useful software

Andrew Alekseev
System administrator

Irbis Firewall trial versions are fully functional. Each of them is limited with a trial period of 30 runs. At the end of the trial period you should either purchase a license or uninstall the product. Below are the links for downloading software installation packages, blacklist updates and documentation bundles.

Here you can purchase licenses in order to use Irbis Firewall after trial period is complete.

Thank you for using Irbis Firewall products!

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