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Access control expressions panel

The Access Control Expressions panel allows you to manage expressions used by the Irbis Firewall while analyzing document requests received from the client computer

Lists all the existing expressions

Add expression
Creates a new expression

Delete expressions
Removes the selected expression

For items which are
Lists the access control lists, by which the request should be accepted/not accepted. Setting the first column value to not belongs to sets the inverse flag for the ACL, i.e. the request should not be accepted by this ACL in order the selected action (see below) to be performed

    Add ACL to list
    Adds an access control list to the selected expression

    Remove ACL from list
    Removes the selected access control list from the expression

Message is a text user saw when access to requested document has been denied

This switch defines the action executed if a request is accepted/not accepted by proper ACLs

    Allow access
    Forces Irbis Firewall embedded proxy server to execute the request and return the requested data to the client

    Deny access
    Forces Irbis Firewall embedded proxy server not to execute the request and return a notification to the client

    Access through parent
    Forces Irbis Firewall embedded proxy server to pass the request to the parent proxy server

Parent options
This group becomes available only if Action is set to Access through parent. It allows you to define the address and the port number of the parent proxy server.

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