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NetConfig Technology
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NetConfig is the Irbis Firewall feature designed for working in local networks. Using NetConfig, you can manage configurations of multiple Irbis Firewall instances from one computer. Using NetLog you can also collect Irbis Firewall logs from multiple computers on one NetLog server.

In order to use NetConfig and NetLog features you are to meet some requirements. The first is that at least one computer should run Irbis NetConfig server. This software manages Irbis Firewall Configuration that can be obtained from other computers. The second requirment is that client computers should run Irbis Firewall Professional because Irbis Firewall Standard doesn't support NetConfig and NetLog features.

When starting Irbis Firewall having the NetConfig feature activated, Irbis Firewall tries to connect to the NetConfig server and obtain the configuration. If configuration was obtained successfully Irbis Firewall uses it for the current session, otherwise (if configuration was not loaded) Irbis Firewall uses local configuration.

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