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We just tried to make our firewall software easy, powerful, compact and reliable. We hope we did it.

Irbis Development team

Top 10 Reasons to Use Irbis Firewall
Nov 19, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.4 has been released. Internal code has been improved to make it more fast and stable. Advanced IP-aliases support included See more...

Oct 8, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.3.3 has been released. This version has new features and includes all previous udpdates and bugfixes. See more...

Oct 6, 2003

Irbis Firewall blacklists were updated. You can download it and use it to improve Web content filtering See more...

Sep 4, 2003

Irbis Firewall blacklists were updated. You can download it and use it to improve Web content filtering See more...

Aug 10, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.3.0 has been released. It has some serious changes that should improve efficiency and your computer security See more...


When I used Irbis Firewall for the first time, I was surprised: it is really a fast, stable, and a very useful software

Andrew Alekseev
System administrator

1. Irbis Firewall is fast, compact and reliable.

2. Irbis Firewall provides easy-to-use GUI interface.

3. Irbis Firewall supports service mode, so it keeps working even if you not logged into the system.

4. Irbis Firewall has an embedded proxy-server, so you don't need to use unsafe and uncontrolled Windows Internet Connection sharing any more.

5. Irbis Firewall utlities allow you to monitor the network activity of your computer. Advanced users can use areas. Areas can contain any sets of hosts and make configuration easier.

6. Irbis Firewall has 4 predefined configurations that can be used by novice users. Expert users and system administrators can use predefined configurations to create new configurations easily.

7. When your computer is connected to the Internet, Irbis Firewall can make your computer "invisible" for hackers.

8. Irbis Firewall filter rules support special address types, so advanced users can configure the access control manually with an extreme precision.

9. Irbis Firewall Professional can obtain configurations from the network and store logs on a remote server.

10. Irbis Firewall is inexpensive - make sure yourself on our Purchase Page.


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