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Questions and Answers
Nov 19, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.4 has been released. Internal code has been improved to make it more fast and stable. Advanced IP-aliases support included See more...

Oct 8, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.3.3 has been released. This version has new features and includes all previous udpdates and bugfixes. See more...

Oct 6, 2003

Irbis Firewall blacklists were updated. You can download it and use it to improve Web content filtering See more...

Sep 4, 2003

Irbis Firewall blacklists were updated. You can download it and use it to improve Web content filtering See more...

Aug 10, 2003

Irbis Firewall version 1.3.0 has been released. It has some serious changes that should improve efficiency and your computer security See more...


When I used Irbis Firewall for the first time, I was surprised: it is really a fast, stable, and a very useful software

Andrew Alekseev
System administrator

Q.: What is Irbis Firewall?
A.: Irbis Firewall is a packet filter application (firewall) and HTTP-proxy server application. We also have plans on implementing the SOCKS-server support in future versions.

Q.: What is Irbis Firewall intended for?
A.: Irbis Firewall allows you to control access to your computer from network. Irbis Firewall filters all incoming and outgoing IP packets so only allowed kinds of packets will be sent from your computer or received by your computer.

Q.: How does the trial version of Irbis Firewall differ from the registered version?
A.: The trial version of Irbis Firewall is fully functional. You can use it for evaluation purposes for a period of 30 runs following the initial installation.

Q.: What benefits shall I acquire if register Irbis Firewall?
A.: As a registered user you will have a right to obtain a technical support, to receive information about all the product updates and to have free upgrades within 12 months after tthe purchase date. Also your suggestions will be taken into consideration in developing the new versions of Irbis Firewall.

Q.: What operating does systems Irbis Firewall support?
A.: Irbis Firewall can be used on most of modern Microsoft Windows operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 2000. Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT are not supported.

Q.: What hardware does Irbis Firewall require?
A.: Irbis Firewall can be run on any hardware allowing you to run one of the required operating system.

Q: What is the difference between Irbis Firewall Standard and Irbis Firewall Professional?
A: Irbis Firewall Standard protects a single PC or a server. Use it when you don't need to manage multiple Irbis Firewall installations. Irbis Firewall Professional can be used to manage multiple Irbis Firewall installations and to collect firewall logs from all protected computers on one server

Q.: What is the difference between single and site licenses of Irbis Firewall?
A.: If you buy a single license of Irbis Firewall you will get only one registered copy of the product without a right of giving it to anyone else. If you buy a site license then you will be able to make copies and give them to as many people as you want, but within the only one organization. Buying a site license is reasonable if you need to supply with our software all your company stuff or some company department stuff. In such case you can buy a site license instead of buying single licenses for each person and save a bunch of money.

Q.: What criteria does Irbis Firewall use while filtering packets?
A.: Irbis Firewall can filter traffic depending on the following conditions: packet source IP, packet destination IP, protocol, source and destination ports numbers, TCP packet flags.

Q.: Does Irbis Firewall filter packets depending on applications?
A.: No. Application-based access control is not implemented, because it is required only if your system may have a "Trojan horse" software installed, whereas "Trojan horse" programs should be removed by the antivirus software. Such policy also allows improving the system performance and implement "userless" Irbis Firewall working mode.

Q.: What kinds of "Trojan Horse" programs does Irbis Firewall lock?
A.: Unless Irbis Firewall does not implement application-based filtering, it successfully locks NetBus, BackOriffice and many other Trojan programs. With some restrictions, Irbis Firewall can lock CodeRed-style worms (CodeRed, Slammer & etc).

Q.: What criteria does HTTP-proxy server use for the access control?
A.: HTTP-proxy server can control access depending on any combinations of client computer IP address, requested server name, requested document name, request method, etc.

Q.: How can I install a blacklist?
A.: To install a blacklist follow the instructions on this page.

Q.: Can I modify a blacklist?
A.: Yes, of course you can. Open our blacklist file in a text editor and see what it contains. Modify the file, save it with another name, and use as a usual blacklist file.

Any more questions? Don't hesitate to write to our support service: [email protected]


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